SmarTravel Donates Tickets

March 2014 — SmarTravel, a Corporate Sponsor of the Murat Shrine Circus held in Indianapolis at the Indiana State Fairgrounds each year donated 30 tickets to The Villages of Indianapolis, a not-for-profit child and family services agency.

“Typically, when we become Corporate Sponsor for certain events, we will be provided tickets that we can use at own leisure. Donating most of them to The Villages was a no brainer. We wanted kids and families to enjoy one of the best childhood memories you could have, going to the circus. Murat Shrine Circus of Indianapolis has been a great event to get a lot of kids involved and active. They love performing for them.” Laura Mann, Senior Marketing Manager explained. “I wish I could be there to see the kid’s faces when they go.”

SmarTravel tries to donate and volunteer to different organizations in the Indianapolis area. Have fun at the circus!

A little girl enjoying a SmarTravel Vacation on the beach buildnig a Sand Castle

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Your chance to win!

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